Sunday 15th August 2021
10 AM TO 4 PM
COLABS Gulberg || Lahore

XPLORE 1.0 is the first edition of Stacks Pakistan's annual conference to celebrate and discuss development in Blockchain technology in Pakistan.
Interested in Clarity Development, Blockchain technology and so much more? 
Stack Pakistan brings to you its first Blockchain Conference, XPLORE. With topics ranging from Clarity to Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the conference aims to spread awareness and give more detailed insight into the current Blockchain technology that is taking the world by storm.

With interesting lectures from experienced speakers, the conference also consists of a panel of industry professionals who will further help by elaborating on the prospects and importance of the technology. With accomplished people from all over the globe holding sessions, participants will definitely end up leaving Xplore more informed and enlightened than before.

Who all will you get to meet on XPLORE 1.0?
Our Speakers
Our Clarity Cohort Graduates

People Behind the Conference